Monday, April 19, 2010

I've got change for a quarter, but not change for you.

I am so clearly an early adopter - as you can plainly see from my starting a blog decades after they were popular. This isn't new to me. I tend to like certain fashions a year or so after they were 'popular'. This makes me not a bandwagon jumper oner, but someone who is so late to the party that they're setting up for the next weeks party. Which is good for me because then I can help set up and play it off like I was in time, or early, for that one.

I used to be sooooooo punctual. I'm not now and I think it really irritates some people who shall not be named but you know who you are and I'm sorry - really, but given the state of the state of my state, I feel lucky to get "there" at all.

Back to early adoption. Early adoption is a fancy way of saying: "I made this change earlier than you which clearly means I deal with change better than you".

Sorry early mr./ms. adopter pants - all it means is that you get even more distracted by shiny things (Squirrel!!!) than I do.

There are things, however, for which I am not thrilled about being an adopter at all:

* Twitter
I'm sorry (really not so much) - I love me some FB, but I think that following Kevin Bacon's every move - unless he's leaving his wife and coming for me - is a little much. My peeps on FB seem to like seeing where I've been and am/are going (they tell my mom and dad about it - my dad rolls his eyes, I L O V E it!) but I can't fathom knowing every time someone leaves the market or goes in. I recognize that I am not the demographic for the marketing (Come one come all to the fifteen minute sale at Bullock's!!! - ha! don't know what Bullock's is? Young whipper snapper!) and I wish Twitter and its followers (does that make them twitties? Wow - that can't be good) a long long love life and happiness.

* Getting rid of your land line
For those of you who remember dial phones - especially the red ones that hung on your wall and made that "rrrrriiiinnnnggg" sound when someone called, having to tell Ma Bell that you needed to have the push button feature added to your phone so you could advance to push button phones (which made calling in to radio stations to win the prize much much easier) and taking the phone down the hall into a room to make a private call to your FOTM (flirt of the moment - that will take many blogs to cover) I salute you!!!!! (that was the longest sentence EVER - my editors (peeps who have edited me) would plotz.

Parting with my land line is like my grandmother (M'nell) parting with her vinyl-on-the-top-cottonie-on-the-bottom table cloth or me parting with my Kitchen Aid, or my Cuisinart, or my Kenmore french door-freezer-on-the-bottom refrigerator, or my coffee pot - uh oh, I seem to have issues (SURPRISE, SURPRISE SURPRISE!!!!).

* GPS running watch
I know two people who have this and love it. I will say I felt better running with my LB (little brother) in a foreign land when he had his, but really? Run out - run back. Ta da!!!

But what does being an early adopter pants really mean? It means you orchestrated that change and made it.

And that means I say to that:

Yeah for you.

But know this...I will find a reason to laugh at your early adoptingness and then quietly, oh so quietly, adopt it in 10 years or so and tell everyone what a great thing I did.

That's what's going on around the country, here's what's happening in your neck of the woods,

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