Saturday, July 19, 2014

Year in Review

***Note to reader - this was written a week before my birthday. It is now one week after my birthday***

I think everyone gets 3 "do-overs" for their year (two if you're not Jewish -sorry):

Jan 1
Your Birthday
Rosh Hashana

Given that it's July and not January and also that the Jewish New Year isn't for two months, that can only mean one thing:

It's my birthday.

Yep - my birthday is coming soon. Like within a week soon. Yep, that's soon.

How old will I be?

Let's just say I'll be on the downside of my 40's but I'm not planning a 50th soiree just yet.


I'm going to be 46. Or more aptly, I'm finishing my 46th year on this planet and embarking on my 47th.

I really think there should be a life review periodically. I mean, what if I don't want to go on for another 40 some odd years? (Don't worry - If I was going to do that, I'd have done it a looooooooong time ago - I'm stuck in this life).

Shouldn't I get a chance to check in with the universe, do a quick life in review and decide if maybe this is the year to wrap it up?

Or not - maybe this is the year that I "renew" my lease on life (sooooo corny, but I can't look a straight line in the mouth - ever - one of my best qualities) instead of being month-to-month.

And what would I review?

Well, let's see...what do you review when you're reviewing your life. This is not the same at Defending Your Life - which is quite probably the best movie for the following reasons:

1.  Albert Brooks
2.  Ha-larious premise
3.  Albert Brooks

For those of you who haven't seen this movie (came out in 1991 - Albert Brook and Meryl Streep are in "Limbo" where it is determined by a panel of "judges" which direction each will go now that they are dead. The only thing that could make this funnier would be if Billy Crystal remade it with... Anyone.

Anyway Albert Brooks' attorney is Rip Torn - hilarity ensues.

Good part of being in Limbo? You can eat anything - I'd eat sushi every minute of every day. Masago, Ebi, Eel, rolls - seaweed salads - that and 31 Flavors Ice Cream - chocolate chip and gold medal ribbon.

Don't judge - get your own fantasy eating.

Anyway - what would I go over at this mid-live (isn) review?

How about my feelings on my:

*  "Success"
*  "Family"
*  "Ability to Love"
*  "Ability to Forgive"
*  "What Others Would Say About Me"

Hmmmm, I may need to ponder this list. I think that the last one is more of a Defending Your Life review - so I'd punt it to then.

But I'd do the rest.

But here's the Grover Cleveland High School Humanities Magnet problem I face:

Whose definition of each of the first four do I use?

Mine? Some might say, that mine is the only one that matters.

Others? Some might say this is the one that counts.

If you read performance reviews I've received in certain years from certain folks it would show a pattern in the years between 2002 and 2008 of my not caring about much and sinking into a pretty deep hole of not caring about much or anyone. (The last few have been great - but that's post A LOT of therapy and some medication that I tend to still fight its effectiveness)

So, what's the overall picture? Still not sure after 15 minutes of writing.

More come come...the year's just begun.

Kiss someone you love,