Wednesday, September 1, 2010

How can you miss me if I don't go away?

Hello party people!

My goodness has a lot happened since I was an acronym. I went from 0 to 120 mph in terms of things going on. I've got my own company now (DRL Consulting) and I'm working on a HUGE project with a client and I teach a session of Public Speaking at L.A. Valley College (thank you thank you thank you Mr. Green for help in making that happen!!). Plus I'm still running and I'm planning to run the Disneyland Half Marathon this Sunday and I'm finally back to cooking in my kitchen (three nights in a row and counting!!!). AND I'm still a wife/caregiver, daughter, aunt, friend.....So, given that I need to sleep at some point I've not been around.

But that's the very best thing about writing a blog - it's like going to the gym (or not) - if I don't come by for a while, you never ask where I was. You never say, "I haven't seen you here in a while", it's a very beautiful thing.

But what's in my mind lately?


Bye bye.

Getting out of dodge.


Running away.

Blowing this popsicle stand.

Bailing out.

Finding a life raft and jumping ship.

Get it yet?

Now, no one worry that Aha and I are having issues - we're not - we're still sickeningly in love and everything is good there. But even in a fabulous marriage, you need a little alone time.

It's amazing how little time in our own heads we get. But your head is not what concerns me. Though, I am concerned about you, but for the moment, this is a one way speaking event. I'll get to you in a moment.

I am determining in my old age that I really do need time alone. Seriously. And especially now that I work from home. I need time when I don't feel responsible for anyone else. I know that parents feel this a lot and I totally get it.

But I'm here 2 tell u, there's something else - it's not just kids that make you want to go into the bathroom, lock the door and/or give yourself a "time out". Sometimes it's regular life. Sometimes, we turn into a 9 year old who just doesn't wanna do anything and we're just short of throwing a tantrum on the floor; complete with kicking, screaming and flailing arms. I'm not so sure that if we wouldn't be hauled off to a room with padded walls, more of us would do that (hmmm, a windowless room with padding on the walls and floor. Is it bad that it sounds good to me?).

But we don't get away like we should. We have "feelings". We have feelings of responsibility.

NOTE: if you don't fall into this category, I simultaneously am envious and disappointed of/in you.

And that my friends, is the signal that you have moved into that group - the grown ups.

To that I say, "PHOOEY!!!"

Seriously. Sometimes, a woman just needs to be a girl - I'll even settle for young woman or even young lady. Sometimes I just want to go to the beach sit in the sand, listen to my walkman and work on puzzles or eat food that Mom won't let me eat in the house and not gain weight from it.

What's wrong with that?

Nothing if you don't mind people thinking that you might be a lazy bum.

Oh, and that you don't mind not earning money. Now that's a problem one because it funds the above mentioned beach day with music, puzzles and snacks.

So what do I glean from all of this?

Not much. But I do love getting to whine about it.


Because I get to do it alone. HA!!!

Sing of good things, not bad,

P.S. Hey look, I never got to Not sure I feel great about that, but you seem to be o.k. so I'm gonna go with it's o.k.

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